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    Dandong Feilida Knitting Fashion Co., Ltd. locates at the beautiful biggest border city and the only tussah production base in China- Dandong, Liaoning Province. It was a modern enterprise founded in May 1993. So far, the enterprise has fixed assets of 15 million RMB, covers an area of approximately 7300 square meters.
    Our company mainly produces tussah silk weaving, rayon embroidery thread and knitwear, is the only manufacturer that has a collection of producing thread, dyeing and knitting in Dandong. Now we have four workshops from producing thread, dyeing, manual flat knitting machine and automatic computerized flat knitting machine.
The combination of abundant natural resources, advanced production technique, scientific management experience and the modern and traditional craft form the high grade product series and ensure world-class product quality. In 2009, our company produced 180 thousands clothes and had 8 million RMB of sales revenue. In 2010, we produced 300 thousands clothes and had 13 million RMB of sales revenue. In 2011, we estimate we will produce 500 thousands clothes and have 20 million RMB of sales revenue. Our products are all exported to Japan, United States and Canada and other countries. The customers all highly appreciate the quality, texture and design of our products.
    We have total 180 employees, including 7 managers, 5 professional engineers, 6 professional technical staffs, 92 skilled staffs and 70 laborial staffs. The scientific management system and efficient production techniques promote FeiLiDa Knitting Fashion Co., LTD. continuously development, each performance steadily improved. According to the different needs of customers, we will constantly develop new products. We are with the attitude of the excelsior, to create world famous brand for the purpose, will produce more and better series of products, to satisfy the domestic and foreign customers from different levels’ demand.

Building No.110, LouFang Road, LouFang Town, ZhenAn District, DanDong City, LiaoNing Province
Tel: 86-0415-2822936  Fax: 86-0415-2822939  Postcode:118007  Powered by
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